The Think Tank is dedicated to those chatters who have a view, want to express it, and take part in discussions with others out there in cyberville. We can't guarantee that anyone else will agree with your point of view (or even let you get a word in edgewise), but we can guarantee that you'll have some fun.

Live fast-paced interactive trivia games are a regular feature of the Think Tank chatroom, and all are welcome to take part. Nightly games start at 8 and 9 PM Central time.

Feel free to email your picture to us and have it posted on our members page. That way other trivia game players get a chance to put a face to name.

RULES OF TRIVIA: The Quizmaster is the ultimate judge of who gets points. The first two correct answers to appear on the Quizmasterís screen get points, provided the second answer appears on the screen before the first correct answer is acknowledged. The goal is for the player to convey the ESSENCE of the answer. Googling is permissible and encouraged, but copying is unsportsmanlike. Good Luck!

Most of all...ENJOY YOURSELF and thanks for visiting the Think Tank at TRIVIA-WIZ.COM